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Handcrafted Tallow Deodorant

Handcrafted Tallow Deodorant

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Our handcrafted Tallow Deodorant contains all ingredients beneficial to your underarms as well as your neighbors nose. The naturally sourced ingredients will feel soothing going on and keep the odors away without any harmful chemicals to help. We use Kaolin clay and Arrowroot to help absorb perspiration while Tallow, Magnesium and essential oils specifically target the bacteria that would usually make you smelly.

***Remember Natural deodorants tend to be a bit creamier. Our customers find the best results by screwing up the deodorant stick higher than usual, doing 1-2 swipes on underarms, and rubbing into skin if needed.***

Tallow had many many uses by our ancestors and Deodorant is definitely one of the greatest.
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